2 Ways of Getting Your Hands on a European Car

When it comes to luxury travel, cars produced in Europe often offer higher levels of performance and comfort compared to domestically produced vehicles. Below is a guide to 2 ways an auto dealer can help you to get behind the wheel of a European car.

Buying a European Car

If you wish to buy a European car, visiting an auto dealer who specialises in supplying European cars to the Australian market is typically the best course of action. While it is possible to arrange a private sale with a car dealership based in Europe, the task of arranging for the car to be transported to Australia and of completing any customs paperwork can make this a costly and time-consuming exercise. A car dealer who supplies Euro cars to the Australian market will have a supply chain and customs arrangements in place, and the car will often already be in the country. This means that once you have paid for the vehicle, you will typically be able to drive away in it on the same day or within a short period of time.

Leasing a European Car

If you do not wish to buy a car outright, you could instead opt to enter into a lease agreement with the auto dealer. Under the terms of the lease, you will pay a monthly fee for the use of the car. The cost of the monthly fee will typically depend on the car type and the duration of the lease. As a general rule of thumb, more expensive cars result in more expensive lease payments, while longer leases will typically reduce the cost of the monthly fee. It is important to understand that when you lease a car, you do not buy it. The vehicle still belongs to the car dealership. When your lease ends, you will typically have the option of buying the car outright at a reduced price or of trading in the car and starting a new lease agreement. The benefit of trading in your car at the end of a lease is that you can gain access to brand-new models. Under a lease agreement, any general maintenance work which the car requires will typically be covered by the lease agreement and paid for by the car dealership.

If you would like to find out more about buying or leasing a European car, you should get in touch with an auto dealer today.

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