Keeping Your Windshield in Good Condition

Many motorists ignore the importance of their windshields when operating their vehicles. A simple issue such as a chip or a scratch can lead to extensive damage to the windshield. Indeed, maintenance of this glass surface can prolong the life of your vehicle and help you avoid costly repairs down the road.

Keep the following tips in mind to ensure your windshield is well taken care of, and make sure you consult auto glass repair services to address any damage.

Beware of small cracks and chips

A tiny crack in the windshield often appears harmless. However, don't be deceived. Such small cracks often grow larger due to vibrations within the windshield. Any contact on the cracked area can also lead to further damage to the glass panel.

If you notice any cracks or chips, take your vehicle to an auto glass repair specialist as soon as possible. The earlier you identify the problem, the easier it will be to fix it.

Avoid slamming your doors

Motorists should be aware that slamming their doors sends vibrations through the windshield and causes it to become unstable over time. The effect is even more pronounced when the windshield is cracked.

You should avoid any unnecessary contact to the glass panel such as door slamming, leaning on the windshield or constantly tapping on its surface.

Regularly replace the wipers

Even the best windshield wipers tend to slightly scratch against the surface of the windshield glass. The effect is much more noticeable when the wiper blades begin to get worn out.

If the rubber surface is thin, the metal part of the wipers will scratch against the windshield and damage it over time. Make sure you take your vehicle in for auto glass repair to have your wiper blades regularly checked.

Get the windshield professionally cleaned

Many motorists clean their windshields by using a simple soap and water mixture. However, some detergents can erode the protective layer that is present on the surface of windshields.

To properly clean your glass, you need to take your vehicle for professional cleaning. Auto glass repair services will use special chemicals with high-pressure water and foam to deep clean your windshield.

Keep a safe distance from vehicles ahead of you

A common cause of windshield damage is the vehicle ahead of you spraying pebbles or other particles onto your windshield. To avoid this, keep a safe distance from vehicles that are ahead of you while on the road.

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